Calvus Lucio Balthazar Sorcerer Lord of the Flawless Host
Slayer Sword Challenge 2008, completed March 2008

Lord Balthazar, the Soul TakerDevoted follower of Slaanesh and accomplished sorcerer, Balthazar utilizes his dark gift to sway the tides of battle for his Chapter, the Flawless Host. The towering figure brandishes the finely crafted and elegant force halberd Blissgiver, a terrifying Daemon weapon with a shaft fashioned from the singing spear of a fallen Farseer. Balthazar takes cruel pleasure in facilitating the demise of the Eldar race. He proudly displays spirit stones plucked from his favored prey about his armor, and is comforted by the muted cries of the thrice-damned souls trapped therein.