Full Borer Miniatures showcases the work of veteran hobbyist Chris Borer - me. I've set up Galleries for some of my favorite projects and included descriptions with the requisite photos as I tend to have a lot to say about my projects, but I'm not remotely productive enough to blog.  I've added an Article section to discuss a few questions and topics that have often come up and a Store page where I offer castings of my original work.  The updates tend to be less frequent than I'd like as this is very much a hobby and side-business for me, but I hope you may find some useful information or viable inspiration here.




Black Swan Miniatures: For many years I've traded ideas, evaluations, and miniature components we've fabricated with my friend and fellow hobbyist Todd Swanson.  You might recognize the name from his many, many Slayer Swords and other painting awards
This year Todd decided to start sharing his work with the public under the banner Black Swan Miniatures and I'm more than happy to list his first piece in the Full Borer Store - the Plague Base he sculpted for this miniature.